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_R.pngilim was once part of a large continent with grand cities, an advanced culture, and a flourishing trade system. All that changed 850 years ago when a great explosive disaster, now called simply The Cataclysm, fell on Rilim. In an instant all the cities were eradicated, the lands burned and made barren, and the population devastated. For months the skies were darkened and the land was covered with ash falling from the skies.

Those few inhabitants left were forced north to the base of the Serpent’s Spine mountains, caught between the ravaged lands south and the dangerous and vile creatures that inhabited the mountains. Forced to fight for the few remaining resources, the survivors banded together in small, nomadic groups and for hundreds of years struggled just to stay alive.

Eventually nature began to reclaim the land. Grass began to grow in what was once infertile ash. Then wildflowers and bushes took hold. Trees began to sprout and expand into forests. Game and wild animals began to flourish.

It had been nearly 620 years since the disaster, but the inhabitants of Rilim had persevered. One survivor, Thönan Thögold, settled his people on the shores of a recovered lake, establishing the first village in Rilim in six centuries. Other groups arrived and soon that small village was a thriving city. After Thönan’s death, the city and lake were renamed in his honor, becoming Thönan and Thögold Lake.

Fifty years after the establishment of Thölin, dwarven emissaries from Belmornbane emerged from their mountain complex and established trade with the city. Long thought to have perished in The Cataclysm, the dwarves had endured their own survival struggle, buried away within their great underground city.

Seven years later the ruins of a great lighthouse were discovered on a bluff overlooking the Glimmer Sea. Though the light had long since been extinguished, and little remained of the buildings surrounding it, the lighthouse itself was as strong and tall as when it had been built. With the lighthouse as the first building, the city of Farreach was established.

Now, 175 years later, both cities are prosperous with healthy trade between the two. Caravans regularly travel the dangerous two week journey between the cities, with a stop halfway through at the recently established Hog’s Breath Inn.


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