Chronicles of Rilim

A Curious Event

Second Moon 22 877

_I.png have been doing some research into the life cycle of an unusual fish that can only be found in Thögold Lake. To gather some more information I sent a student here at the Farreach College out to Thönan. I just received a dispatch from him with the tale of a most curious event.

Session001_GoblinAttack.pngIt seems he had stopped at the Hog’s Breath Inn on his trip, as is customary, and was going over some of his papers when the blacksmith burst in screaming about a goblin attack! The Inn guests charged outside and sure enough, no less than a score of the filthy creatures were storming around the place. More could be heard around the stables and a few were seen darting around to the back entrance.

Now Ellamin and Talvon are no strangers to combat, but that many could not be put down quickly. Fortunately, a group of five adventurers as well as two Farreach guards on their way to Burr’s Fist were staying that night.

Session001_GoblinBreach.pngThe adventurers immediately engaged the goblins. Arrows streaked in from both sides, swords and spears sliced into flesh, and magical bursts of sound and energy attacked all combatants. Suddenly, a small group of goblins breached the inn through the back door, while another small group rounded the far corner of the Inn and attacked the adventurers from behind!

Our forces rallied and fought back, and in the end all the goblins lay dead on the field. Wounds were bound and healed, and the bodies gathered on the field in front of the Inn.

After inspecting the goblins, Ellamin determined they were from a tribe common in the Searpent’s Spine east of Burr’s Pass. Attacks from goblin war bands are not uncommon in the northern reaches of Rilim, but are pretty rare as far south as the Inn. Ellamin was determined to learn more about why they attacked, so it was decided that the next morning a party would track the goblins back to where they came from.

The party rested the night, then gathered outside the Inn to begin their journey.




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