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_F.pngEllaminPortrait.pngew clerics in all of Rilim have a history as noble and interesting as Ellamin’s.

Born to a simple family, he began life as a farmer in one of the small villages on the outskirts of Farreach. By all accounts he was a hard working, reliable young lad who made his parents proud. When he was eleven he was involved in a farming accident that left him seriously injured, and was brought to the Pelor temple in Farreach. He was healed completely, but in the few days he was at the temple he decided to devote himself to Pelor and to the life of a cleric. Ellamin returned home, helped complete the harvest, then with his parents blessing returned to Farreach and began his service as an acolyte.

His early years at the temple were noteworthy. Devoted and studious, Ellamin quickly learned the rites and skills and was ordained as a full cleric at the young age of seventeen. He continued to serve in the temple for several more years, healing and administering to the people of Farreach.

When Ellamin turned twenty he left the temple, as was customary, and journeyed out into Rilim. He spent the next 30 or so years making a rather significant name for himself as an adventurer. There are a great many stories and tales of his exploits, though I will leave those for another to chronicle.

Ellamin retired from adventuring in his early fifties, and returned to Farreach and served as one of the head priests at the temple. He stayed there for another decade, then abruptly resigned his position. He built and established the Hog’s Breath Inn, and is currently the proprietor there.

As the proprietor, Ellamin serves and heals the travelers that visit his inn, and keeps tabs on the events of the land through the stories and news of his guests.

Ellamin Stonehand

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