_E.pngstablished in 702, Farreach has grown to become Rilim’s largest city, with a population approaching 9,000. Located on a bluff towering 600 feet above the Glimmer Sea, at the mouth of the Solace River, Farreach is both defensible and beautiful. The rich fields that slope east away from the bluff provide fertile farmland, and the morning mists that blow in every morning from the Glimmer Sea create a perfect farming environment.


Farreach was founded when a large lighthouse situated at the tip of the bluff was discovered by Arden Doolem, who was mapping the Rilim coastline. The lighthouse certainly dates back to before The Cataclysm, though the structure is as sound and strong as ever. Arden and his party simply moved in and began taming the area around the bluff. Eventually more settlers arrived, farms were established, and the lone lighthouse gradually became the city it is today.

In 728 the first of the city’s three walls were built. At that time it encompassed all the residents and all the buildings of the city. The city expanded even more, growing beyond the first wall, so in 783 a second wall was built.

Lighthouse.pngIn 802, on the city’s 100th anniversary, a group of scholars living in Farreach established what has today become the Farreach College. They were granted use of the lighthouse and surrounding buildings, having recently been vacated when the city’s administrative offices moved to larger accommodations.

The third wall was completed in 858, and currently marks the city’s boundary, except for the large farms and several businesses located outside the walls. The three walls effectively divide Farreach into three Districts.

The College District is located behind the city’s first wall, and contains the college, most of the noble houses, and the city’s judicial and administrative system.

The Market District, located between the first and second walls, contain the Central Market as well as the city’s more upscale craftsmen and shops. Though expensive, the Blue Feather Inn, located right on the Central Market, offers hospitality that would rival many of the nobles. The city garrison is located here as is the prison.

The People’s District is located between the second and third wall, and is where most of the city’s residents live. There are several smaller markets here, as well as most of the affordable shops and craftsmen. Very comfortable inns can be found here along with the city’s livelier taverns. I can personally recommend the Lazy Hydra Inn for a restful sleep, as well as The Tiny Mermaid for some excellent food and drink. Tell them Fruhand sent you.

Each wall contains a large central gate. The Arden Road, a broad paved avenue, runs through each gate and through the middle of the Central Market.

Farreach boasts an excellent water system, with fresh water delivered to fountains located throughout the city, and a sewer system that moves waste out of the city and into the Glimmer Sea.

Law is adequately enforced, with the garrison watch patrolling most areas of the city. As usual, it is advisable for residents and visitors to be cautious when out on the streets at night, particularly in the northern section of the People’s District. Recent sewer problems there have lowered property values and invited some of the city’s more seedier residents to move in.


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