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_R.pngilim covers approximately 43,200 square miles. It spans around 270 miles east to west and 160 miles north to south. Rilim is bounded on the north and east by the Serpent’s Spine, on the west by the Glimmer Sea, and on the South by West Fall, The Waste, and the East Fall.

With mountains, forests, rolling grasslands, deserts and swamps, Rilim has a diverse ecosystem. Weather is seasonal with typical temperature ranges of around 30 degrees Fahrenheit in winter to 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Temperature ranges in The Waste are much more severe.

For information on specific areas and places see the links below.

Black River
Blackwood Forest
Blue Feather Inn
Burr’s Fist
Burr’s Pass
Defile, The
East Fall
Farreach College
Fen of the Dead
Glimmer Sea
Haven River
Hog’s Breath Inn
Lazy Hydra Inn
Mosswood Forest
Mount Trasse
Plains of Eron
Red River
Serpent’s Spine
Solace River
Southron Plains
Southron River
Stone River
The Tiny Mermaid
Thögold Lake
Trade Road
Waste, The
West Fall


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