Black River

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_T.pnghe Black River gets it’s name from the color of the silt, mud, waste, and other foul contaminants contained within it’s waters. The water itself leaves a black, greasy film on everything it touches, and smells of rot and decay. Anyone ingesting even a small amount becomes violently ill, with retching, a fever, and severe intestinal discomfort lasting for days.

The river begins at the mouth of a large cavern at the south end of Burr’s Pass. It bursts out of this cavern and falls 60 feet, crashing into a dark, deep pool. Rushing along the ravine floor it races past jagged rocks south on its journey to The Defile. Once at The Defile, it slows and ebbs through the swamp, depositing all it’s filth and corruption until it finally emerges as the Solace River.

The original source of the Black River, deep within the rocks of the Serpeant’s Spine, is a mystery. There are no records, or stories, of anyone venturing within the cavern to explore it’s source.

Black River

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