Fruhand Fiedlerson

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_F.pngFruhandPortrait.pngruhand is one of the more notable sages residing at the Farreach College. His knowledge is extensive on a great many subjects, but he is considered the authority on what little is known of the history and races of the land before The Cataclysm.

Little is know of Fruhand’s early years, but scattered records indicate he was involved in the establishment of Farreach some 175 years ago, and aside from many expeditionary travels he has been at the College ever since.

Fruhand is a Gnome, and though he never discusses his age it is clear that he is into his later years. He is small, even by Gnomish standards, with large ears and a quick manner that have earned him the nickname ‘Mouse’ by his students.

Fruhand Fiedlerson

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