Hog's Breath Inn

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_E.pngstablished in 871, the Hog’s Breath Inn serves as a waystation for caravans traversing the Trade Road. It’s location is halfway between Thölin and Farreach, at the intersection of the road to Burr’s Fist.

There are few services at the inn beyond a handful of rooms and a hot meal, but it is always frequented by travelers and provides a good measure of safety in an otherwise hostile land. Personnel and supplies bound for Burr’s Fist stop here as well, so armed soldiers are not uncommon.

The proprietor is Ellamin Stonehand, a cleric of some reputation. While not running his establishment, Ellamin can frequently be seen chatting with his guests, and healing the sick and injured.

The inn gets its name from the winds that occasionally blow down from the north and across The Defile, bringing with them the scent of rot and decay.

Hog's Breath Inn

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